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Small business linux server

A server is a computer which acts like a library for files, and programs. A server provides services to other computers on a network. Such services include sending and receiving emails (Email Server), hosting web sites (Web Server), storing files and documents (File Server), mysql databases and many more.

Web Content Filtering

Web content filtering software blocks inappropriate websites from view by the browser. The software can also be used to enforce company policies; for instance, blocking personal webmail sites like Hotmail can decrease lost productivity at the office.

It is a way to block un-desirable and non work related website browsing on company's time and resources. For example, blocking "facebook" and "twitter" during working hours or even blocking them completely.


A Virtual Private Network ("VPN") is a way to connect to a company network securely over the Internet. Our stable Linux VPN solution accommodates almost any configuration or form of connectivity including dial-up, 3G, iBurst or ADSL.

What can you do with VPN?

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